Student Comments

Student Comments From Speech 122  

Summer 2005

She makes her expectations clear at the beginning of the semester and works with the class to help each student achieve his or her individual goals.

I had a great experience in this class because I learned a lot since the first day you scared us. But not just me, it was about 25 other students she scared but I decided to stay in this class and learn something. I was here to learn and I stayed until the end and I have learned a lot from Professor Stefani. Thanks to you I have become more confident in my speeches, outlines and I don't know what else to tell you, but I HAVE LEARNED A LOT this semester. Thanks again and it was great to be in your class.

I enjoyed the class. Ms. Stefani is direct and to the point, you don't wonder what you should be doing or what should be done. She says "no nonsense" to education and that philosophy really works with this course. I feel I've added so much more knowledge and gained more tools that I can add to and use in all of my future classes.

I learned a heck of a lot out of this class actually. Learning how to give a decent speech is something that will definitely stick with me through school. I loved how close the class got and how well I got to know everyone. I had a lot of fun even though I learned a lot! Great teacher too! Always entertaining! :)

On the first day of class I was actually very nervous and scared because I'm a really very shy person and its hard for me to speak in front of an audience. But the class wasn't that bad and actually helped a lot to get over my fear. It wasn't as bad to talk in front of an audience as I though. And so I recommend this class. I learned more in this class than my English class.

Liked -- small class so it was fun and educational. It was very 1 on 1. The teaching was very educational and the lectures were very informative. I liked everything except for one thing -- Dislike -- I did not like the time crunch in the third week.

Good  class, very informative and fun. Hard for the summer though, very condensed time but people should take it, it's very helpful.

This was my first college class and I enjoyed it. 1st I will tell you what I enjoyed. Second I will explain what I have learned. Finally, I will explain . . . . just kidding, but I learned a lot such as to make and introduction and format for presentations and it can be translated to writing a paper. I also enjoy the enthusiasm of your class.

I really liked the class. It was relaxed and fun. You get to know everyone and the teacher was nice and easy going. It requires some time, but if you make yourself do it, then you will be fine.

I found your class extremely informative and it was very helpful in my being able to better organize information and details into a fluid conversation, and ideas on paper or orally.

Spring 2005

This class is a must.  I dropped out from my last speech class because the teacher was very boring; I couldnít grasp her teaching methods.  Professor Stefani loves what she does and it is evident by the way she communicates to each student in her class.  She is very lively, I definitely was not bored.

Professor Stefani is a very thorough and accredited teacher.  She has given her class so much to work from, and it is up to us to take advantage of her gold.  As for me, I see speeches and arguments differently than ever before, especially the politicians on TV.  I now see how important is the outline of a speech and she will teach you how to create one.  I will definitely use the method of organization and I believe I have gained a backbone to my future presentations.

Thanks Stefani

 I have really enjoyed my 16 weeks in Prof. Stefani's
course. I am a much more confident public speaker and
actually look forward to going in front of a large
group of people! Her teaching methods helped me to
realize my own shortcomings as a public speaker and
overcome them. Thank you Professor Stefani!

This is an excellent class. I enjoyed the opportunity to take a class where the professor actually gave me something to use for the rest of my life. Structured well with very efficient teaching material and skills.

-Dwayne H.-

This class is very easy to follow if you prepare for your speeches by doing research and also taking the time to organize your thoughts you should get a good grade even if you are terrified of public speaking. Prof. Stefani does prepare you with the tools and guidelines of what she expects on each assignment, she is very clear and supportive of her students.  I can see the importance in being able to deliver a speech properly.  This class has given me the ability to create a proper outline, and deliver a speech.  This class has also helped me get over my fear of speaking in public. The teacher really seems to have a very good understanding of what she is teaching.  She makes the class easy.  Best speech class I have ever had.

This is a great class where I learned to have more confidence in myself as a speaker. There were many experiences that were new to me probably because English is my second language and I was kind of scared when I started this class, but the more I went through it the more my teacher showed me the good work I was doing. So I recommend this class to whoever wanted to have a good experience as speaker and as a student. -- Maria

This class wasn't as bad as I thought it would be. Just two major speeches rather than a bunch of little ones made things easier. Overall, very useful class and the speeches were easy because you can pick a topic that interests you.

The speech format used in this class will help you not only pass this class but will improve your paper writing for any class. Highly recommended.

I have always dreaded when I would have to take a speech class, as I am sure many others have. Prof Stefani worked with the students to make sure they were thoroughly prepared. She made my experience in this class a lot more pleasant and helped me gain more confidence to be able to complete the course.

Good class. Made speaking to an audience more comfortable. Good format and organization and a very knowledgeable and helpful instructor.

I always had a fear of taking a speech class. But I had to do it and it turns out Stefani's class isn't so bad. I don't think I could have learned as much as I did in any other class. The work load is kind of tough but once you get in the swing of things, it's not so bad. Especially if you are dedicated, come to class everyday and do your work. If you do these things then you will find that the work isn't so bad and the lessons you learn can be taken with you. If you don't like to attend class and don't or can't put in the time, don't take the course.

Class-research skills improve, don't slack on assignments. Work hard. Helps you overcome your nervousness when it comes to public speaking. Class also is a good way to improve communication. Great teacher.



Summer 04

A great class, take it , it's worth the time!

I have really learned a lot from this class. I had no idea that so much work went into putting together a speech. I'm really glad that I chose to do this. The class environment was very friendly. You have a really great personality Professor Stefani and you make learning fun. Roseanna Fitzpatrick

Even though it was a 4 week class, large assignments/tests were so close together -- exhausting!!! Other than that, I enjoyed the class. I like that we were able to work with you one-on-one before speeches -- very helpful.

*Fun class * Easy to follow * Good pacing * Must be willing to study if taking summer course * Comfortable environment to speak in even if you have not had experience * Provides real world experience

I was very apprehensive to take this class at first, but I had  a great time in the class and I know it will help later.

I got a lot of useful information out of this class. Many students gave speeches on very interesting topics and informed me about so much that I never knew. Sarah McAndrews

Excellent Class -- Tremendous teacher -- take the class.

Spring 2003

Professor Stefani,

I just wanted to acknowledge you for the powerful human being that you are. You don't just teach students, you make a difference in people's lives. Now that this class is over, I wanted you to know that what you do is really appreciated. Even though it may seem like a thankless job, you are molding and shaping people into communicators! Thank you for your contribution to society. Lord knows we can sure use some better communicators out there in the real world! God Bless! -- Teri Shoemaker

I thoroughly enjoyed your speech class. You gave us all the tools necessary to do what was expected of us. You challenged us all to do the best we could. You encouraged and inspired us. Thank you for your patience and commitment to providing us with the best education possible. You are a wonderful teacher! --Teri Shoemaker

May I just say that Professor Stefani's class was a real joy to be a part of. For those who are either thinking of taking this class, or are just starting, be aware that this class is a tough class that will prepare with the communication tools needed in any profession you choose. Nothing is taken by surprise as Professor Stefani prepares you for everything this class includes. Thanks a million Professor Stefani -- Jaime Nuanez 

Lisa Stefani is extremely compassionate; finally a teacher that realizes that life happens outside of the classroom and cares about what happens outside of the classroom. -- Farris Galyon

This class is very difficult if you make it difficult by not preparing your speeches early enough. Just like any other class, if you put in the time you'll see the results you want. This class was extremely beneficial for me not only because I learned how to prepare speeches but because I learned what I can do if I apply myself. -- Anonymous

I loved this class! Lisa is a thought-provoking and insightful professor and I recommend that anyone and everyone take a class with her. Her teaching style truly inspires students to think -- something I think is unfortunately undervalued today. -- Latrice Hendricks

This class was very interesting. It's only difficult if you make it difficult by not preparing or practicing your speeches. Stefani's no nonsense approach to learning is a great way to learn. I have benefited greatly from this class in more ways than this class was designed for. -- Melanie Ginger

I had fun coming to Stefani's class and learned so much. This class helped me to further overcome my fears of giving speeches.-- Anonymous

This class will help you in real life and school, this is true. Stefani is not exaggerating when she says this to you.-- Anonymous

A must class if you are going to do any public speaking. Really good on developing solid research skills and having references/facts to back up your speeches. Must be ready to work hard. -- Anonymous

This was very eye-opening.  The teacher makes you feel at home. She gives you everything you need to get a good score in her class. By the end you feel good about yourself and the things you have accomplished in this class. Thank you! -- Latasha Dudley

Verbal communication is a class that helped me immensely in speaking in front of people and also helped me to use PowerPoint and to create outlines for speeches. Lisa Stefani is a wonderful, fair, enthusiastic teacher. -- Anonymous

I enjoyed this class very much! Lisa Stefani is very interesting teacher, she involves the audience, provokes interesting thoughts and discussions. There is also a lot of learning of how to be a professional speaker, skills you will use in real life. Overall, it was great and I would absolutely recommend it to anyone. Thank you for a great semester, very entertaining and informative, plus I have learned a lot. -- Maria Loukinyku

Ms. Stefani hooks it up. By her grace alone did I get through this class, she really likes to see her students succeed. Fantastic teacher. Will prepare you for even the most difficult speaking environments. -- Anonymous

In Lisa Stefani's class I learned how to use PowerPoint and learned that when speaking in front of a class you didn't have to stand rigidly still-- something I used to do. It also helped me to further overcome my fears of speaking in front of people. The speech assignments also gave me an opportunity to explore who I am ethnically -- a Tolai and an American. Her class was not only educational, but it was fun. I highly recommend her to any student seeking to attend a communications 101 class. -- Sharon Jameson

An absolute enjoyable class. The social interaction between classmates really helped me overcome my fear of public speaking. Thank you. -- Dustin Henry

If you are thinking that a speech class is easy, DON'T. There is a lot of work and effort involved in order to complete this class. Dr. Stefani is well versed and knowledgeable in this subject and I would recommend her to any student who is here to work for his/her grade. Dr. Stefani challenges her students to do the best possible work in her class. She is a great asset to the college community. -- Anonymous

Very welcoming, friendly atmosphere. you will look forward to a great learning experience in this class. You will learn a tool that can help you in other areas as well. -- Anonymous 

Fall 2002

I would  highly recommend this course to any student that is trying to decide which communication class they should take. Ms. Stefani's method of teaching goes beyond simply preparing students to speak in front of an audience. She prepares students to respond if their statements should be challenged by emphasizing current and accurate research. She prepares her students to use visual aids such as PowerPoint, a program that I had no experience with before this class. Now I feel like it's a piece of cake. As a teacher, Lisa makes herself approachable to her students by giving plenty of opportunity for students to ask questions. She often follows the explanation of an assignment with the question, "How are doing so far?" She recognizes hard work and serious effort, and she truly wants her students to succeed. Thanks for the great experience, Lisa. Ed Fishwick

I was hoping on taking speech/communication 101 last before getting my B.A. until I found out that I couldn't transfer to the University I wanted with out this class. Ever since I took speech (which was in 8th grade) I have been traumatized with memories of monologues, tongue twisters, and anxiety attacks from having to speak in front of my peers. Well, I dreaded the first day of class and what ever you do, do not sit in the back row unless all seats are taken upfront. I started this class with expectations of at least a low "C" grade at the end. You have to understand, I'm timid somewhat and don't care to bring attention to myself in any way, shape or form. At the end I finished this course with an "A" grade and lots of confidence. Taking this class has given me so much knowledge on public speaking. Not only on how important it is to prepare and research, but also on different ways to ease the anxiety that builds up before hand and during public speaking. Ms. Stefani's sense of humor and approach to teaching someone on how to eliminate any fears you come in with is priceless. I highly recommend this course for anyone who is looking for ways into improving their communication skills to better assist them in their career, education, and everyday life.

Sincerely-Sandi Pizano (01/03)

 I enjoyed your detailed instructions and how you always provided a "no nonsense approach" to education. I also feel that the way the class is set up allows a friendly atmosphere.

This class made me want to take comm again. Miss Stefani is a fun teacher and I like the "no-nonsense approach" she teaches.

Ms. Stefani's class isn't just about giving speeches. It is about meeting different people and appreciating the views of others. Ms. Stefani is a great motivator and any one interested in taking her class is sure to leave with a lasting experience.

At first the class of Ms. Stefani can seem a bit overwhelming and intimidating. But she comes off so strong to really enhance your capabilities as a student. She's an amazing teacher and you'll greatly appreciate her methods of teaching. You learn a lot in her class! 

This class was a great experience. I recommend you to take it. The only advice that I have for you is to not procrastinate!! or you will not be prepared!

Your class was great. I really enjoyed learning how to present and speak in front of people. This class helped me gain confidence as well as affective methods and techniques to use when giving a speech. I also enjoyed your teaching methods and structure of our class. I found it very useful to study information and be tested on the material for the 1st half and then presenting your researched topics in the second half of the semester. I enjoyed it all. Thanks again. Jamin

I didn't like speaking in public, but after this class, I am not scared anymore. Professor Stefani was the best teacher I've had in a long time and I definitely recommend taking this class. Janalle Morris

Don't wait to the last minute to do the projects. (Don't do your power Point on the day of your speech) Armando

Communications was very beneficial. Not only do your learn how to perform in writing, but you're given the opportunity to give a speech in the class. the class was nervous at times, but you won't regret taking it.

The toughest thing in comm was the outlines, after that everything else was a breeze. The enthusiasm Ms. Stefani has makes the class exciting and fun. 

Very informative. Good practical knowledge. Lots of interaction with classmates. Very enjoyable.

I used to find it somewhat difficult to present my thoughts in an organized manner. Although I still have work to do, this class had helped my confidence when speaking in group settings, and was a very educational experience. Not only did I learn many valuable insights from Lisa, I learned from my fellow classmates too! 

Spring 2002   

At the beginning of the semester I asked you (Professor Stefani) why you were teaching at Grossmont College. Right from the beginning I knew that not only would this be an exceptional class, but I knew we had an outstanding instructor. Now, as I reflect on the semester, I can only be grateful that you did decide to teach here so I could have the opportunity to learn about communication as well as wonderful life lessons. Wonderful classes always spawn from wonderful teachers and with all the amazing teachers I have had throughout high school and 3 years at a university, I can definitely deem you as one of the finest teachers Iíve ever had. As I prepare myself to one day teach, I only hope I can incorporate your wonderful methods of enthusiasm, impact, and knowledge. Thanks so much for your time and talents Ė you deserve much more than that Ph.D. raise! --Jyness Milberg   


Lisa Stefaniís Public Speaking course (Comm. 122) has had a very positive effect on my education as well as my personal growth. This class has shown me that by putting a little more effort into something I was doing more than the average person. I overcame public speaking fears and gained confidence in myself. The structure of the class was very clear cut, what will be expected of you is clearly stated from day one. I suggest taking this class early in your education because you will be able to use knowledge learned in Communication 122 in all of your other classes. This course with this Professor has been the most beneficial class I have taken yet. Most importantly I have grown as an individual Ė what more could a person ask from a class in college? -- Dennis Astley


Public Speaking was a great class to take for three reasons:

1)      My ability to put together an informative, well researched presentation was greatly increased.

2)      With encouragement from Ms. Stefani to create contacts within the class (networking), my workload in the class became manageable.

3)      I have experienced actual personal growth through not only my own research and presentations, but by listening to the other extraordinary efforts put forth by students who encourage each other.


Thanks Lisa! -- Matt Kirk


I thought this class was great! The deadlines were pretty tough, but it was downhill from there. Outlines are probably the hardest part of the class the rest is easy sailing. The class is challenging, but well worth it. The first half of the class was the most work. I recommend Comm 122 with Stefani! -- Anonymous


I recommend taking Professor Stefaniís class if you are moving on to a 4-year school. I was afraid of public speaking before this class. Her class is challenging yet you can make it through. She taught me how to do research 10 times as better than before. I improved dramatically in my public speaking and now have the confidence to speak in public. --Anonymous


This class will help you improve your communication skills. Professor Stefani bases her class on your improvement within the course. If you take this class, donít give up. If you work hard and donít give up you can succeed in this course. --Anonymous


Speech Ė the title is intimidating but as the class went along, I felt I learned so much and now I have the ability to go before a group and deliver a speech, proposal, or whatever the case, with knowledge and confidence. Thanks, Stefani. Have a great summer. --Wanda Woodus


Most importantly Ė organizational skills. I am sure to benefit to some degree from the outlines. Social skills. -- Anonymous


I think a person should take this class because it is growth. Also if you are shy or canít speak in public, it will change by the end of the year. She was tough, but she knew exactly what she wanted and knew her stuff. And it helped me be a better researcher. Also, I learned how to form a paper. Great class. --Sonia


From the beginning the class was hard because of the lack of understanding of what the class was all about. The instructor was well prepared for teaching the students. After taking this class I can now stand before people and deliver a well informed speech with confidence. --Martha


This class gave me an actual format to express ideas instead of just trying to talk or write about a topic. It improves writing skills as well as critical thinking. Ė C.J.


In addition to fulfilling a general education requirement for English and communication, this course will assist you in further courses requiring research papers. It will not only help you become a more eloquent speaker, but it will also help build confidence in yourself and your ability to express your ideas. The climb is hard, but the fruit is so very sweet. -- Anonymous



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