Student Comments

The idea that  there is no classroom interaction, but instead, global interaction is phenomenal. It goes to show the advancement of our global economy throughout the past few years and the potential we have to come in the near future. This course is fitting for its class description, including a hands on experience for the student.

My favorite part of the course was e-mailing and chatting with the Japanese students. Even though it was sometimes difficult to understand the conversations, it was definitely worth my time. I hope they feel the same way.

My favorite part of the course was the webquest assignments. I learned a lot from them and got some new resources from the websites.

This was one of my favorite webquests. This class should be mandatory! What a phenomenal way to gain humility and empathy and most of all knowledge of this incredible world and what it has to offer us. And from that .  . . KNOWLEDGE IS POWER!!!!

This course made me want to take more online courses.

I learned so much in this class. I really admire your organizational skills and attention to detail -- it really helped me with my first online class experience. At the beginning of the semester I was struggling and appreciated your encouragement. The outline of this class helped me to pay attention to the depth of my work and I was able to carry that over to other classes I was enrolled in this semester. Thank you.

I enjoyed the flexibility of choosing when I would "attend" class, outside of the scheduled chat sessions. My expectations for this course were exceeded because I was able to maintain a busy schedule and still complete the required assignments (mostly on time), plus it was an enriching course.

I think the online chat was the most stimulating despite the late hour. After that, I enjoyed the webquest projects. This course met my expectations, which were created when I first read the website for the course. The website was great in telling me what to expect. The online Japanese chat was very exciting and interesting.

My favorite part of the course was the communication with one of my ASU e-mail partners because I feel we developed a good relationship that will last beyond this class.

Thanks to this class I am going to become a communication major. When I first began this class I did not think that I was going to end up becoming a communications major, but I have decided and it is final. I just wanted to say thank you for giving me this wonderful opportunity to explore so much about people, the world and the conflicts that are happening in the world. I have learned so much and hopefully will continue learning more. 

I like everything about this class.

My favorite part of the class was all of it! It exceeded my expectations. The information was more informative than I expected. I didn't expect the students who e-mailed or chatted to be so open and willing to share their lives.

Comments on Webquest Assignments

Student comments on the webquest assignments fell into the following four categories:

1)      Freedom to choose what is most interesting to you to research

“The fact that I could pick what interested me most from a topic helped motivate me to learn.”

“I really liked the fact that we could pick from which webquest interested us the most.”

“The biggest reason why I think webquest is a success is because students are given the freedom and option to choose a project that they have the most interest in. This promotes the students to really work hard and have fun researching their topic, instead of having them dread the assignment.”

“There is a lot to be said for being allowed to pick your homework assignment, which does not occur in most classes.”

2)      The opportunity to explore other countries in a way that is more beneficial than just reading a textbook.

“The first thing I liked about the webquest was it was something new. I have never had a class that had assignments like the webquest and I liked it. I was excited to do the webquest when it was explained the first week of school.”

“The webquests really gave me and I feel the class an opportunity to take a look at other cultures that we normally wouldn’t have done or had time for in this course or other courses. The websites for the webquests had vast amounts of information about the various topics. This information really opened a window into the understanding and appreciation for others and their culture for me.”

“I feel the webquests have taken my “narrow” American perspective and pushed it aside for good.”

“The webquests were very enjoyable for me. I thought that they were an excellent source for becoming more connected and knowledgeable of culture issues within our culture and other cultures. They are designed so that they are entertaining and interesting but also so that we could learn about intercultural communication. The webquests weren’t like dull projects that we have to do for other classes, they were exciting adventures that were fun to embark on throughout the course.”

“The webquests were nice because they let me learn something that wasn’t in a text book which is really rare for college courses.”


3)      Webquest resources offered quality websites

“I especially liked how the links were provided for us, so that we had more structure and knew exactly what to be looking for when doing the research.”

“I though it was very helpful that there were websites that were given to us to help us with our quests because sometimes researching on the Internet can be tough and it is difficult to tell what a legitimate website is and what isn’t a legitimate one.”

“I liked that the webquests provided the websites that provided accurate information for the assignment. Without these websites, I probably would have searched the Internet for hours, and would only find the wrong or superfluous information.”

“By far the best thing about the webquests was the opportunity to check out websites that I never knew existed.”

“We didn’t have to go rummaging through the Internet trying to find websites that would work or even have the information we needed on it. It was nice to be able to just click and be there. It gives you time to actually do nice research because you didn’t spend all your time looking for websites.”

“Just from the webquest that I did, I wouldn’t of even known where to begin looking on the Internet.”

4)      Further application of materials – acting for the future

“My favorite was the Becoming a Global Citizen webquest. I believe in unity and understanding and the meaning of life to me is helping others. People can help others in many ways, but one of the biggests ways to help others is to physically help others. I knew about the Peace Corps, but never considered that a volunteer abroad program and understood it to be a career choice. Now that I understand it, I want to help that cause more. When I saw that there was a UN Volunteers program, my eyes lit up. It is so cool that the UN Volunteers program exists! I never knew it existed. Among all the ways I want to change the world, I think the UN is a good way to do it, and would love, love, love to help the UN through the UN Volunteers program.”

“These webquest and this class in general has really gotten me excited and interested in trying to hold a position in business where I get the opportunity to associate with and travel to different countries.”   

“My favorite webquest was the one on Study Abroad, mainly because I found it so interesting, and it was so much fun to research about Italy and the study abroad programs there. I think that I enjoyed that one the most because it was something that I have always thought of doing and wanted to do, so it gave me the ability to research something that I had a huge interest in, which is why I think it was the most enjoyable.”

 “My favorite webquest was the one on education. This would have something to do with the fact that I want to be a school teacher. I never really considered what I would be faced with as a teacher. I feel that this assignment has helped to open my eyes to some of the issues that I will be facing and I feel much more prepared to face those just by knowing something about it. I think what really is comforting about this webquest is that I have learned that there are websites that will allow me to do research and learn about the children in my classroom. It was particularly eye opening to learn that the educational system here in the US is not universal. For some reason I had it in my head that teacher taught the same way no matter what country you come from. I guess I have a lot to learn before I become a good teacher and am able to reach most, if not all of my students.”

“I focused a lot of my Webquest assignments on the Caribbean, Canada, Middle East and Mexico. I now have a feel for each of these cultures and would be ready to plan a trip there.”


Comm 128 Student Comments Spring 2005


What did you like about the class? some things I liked about this class was how it brought people of two cultures together to work, and gain knowledge of one and other.  Also I thought that the online chat session was really fun, it's was good to share information with the Japanese students, and also to learn from them too.

What would you tell another student who was interested in taking the course? I would recommend this course to anyone who is interested in learning about other peoples culture.  This class in a way shows just how big the world really is. A lot of people really have no idea what’s out there.  This class in a way is the link that can bring two cultures together too understand each other.


I enjoyed this class immensely! It opened my eyes to other cultures and will help me interact with people from other cultures in my profession. I would recommend this course for anyone who deals with the public as part of their job or is looking to go into business in other countries.



  Communications 128 is a valuable course for learning about one self as well as about other cultures around the globe.  The lectures are easy to read and understand.  The assignments, although challenging, are fun and can really help the student understand the trials and tribulations of the global environment.  This course is highly recommended for anyone who wants to learn about themselves and the world in general and should be a must for International business students. 

If I could make improvements to the course there would be few but important changes.  The single chat with the Japanese students is simply not enough.  I suggest 4 to 6 chats, with different subjects for each.  One of those chats would include a discussion where the American students must use Japanese to answer the English questions coming from the Japanese students.  This would help the American student understand the difficulty the Japanese students have trying to ascertain what is being written to them in English.  There are ample translation websites on the Internet so this task would not be too cumbersome.  It would also force the student to do a little homework on the Japanese language furthering the ideal of the Global village, where everyone knows about the other’s culture (or not). 


Taking Global Communications from Professor Stefani was very rewarding.  The assignments weren't actually homework, for the reason the topics were interesting and I found myself wanting to know the answers.  I learned about cultures I never knew before the class, such as the Muslim religion. We were to look at a web-site that explained what-to-do in the Muslim religion to please your spouse.  We were to write what-to-do in our culture, from our opinion.  It was an interesting
comparison of how the lives were different.

General assignment comment
I like how she explained the assignments clearly so students knew what was exactly expected and how they would be graded.  Even after the assignments were turned back (or sent back), she would give individual critique on your paper...not just a grade.  This was helpful to know what to change for the next assignment.
Thanks for the great class!
Katy H.

Professor Stefani:

1. What did you like about the class?

 What I like most about the class, honestly, was the webquests, I honestly can say that I learned so much more information about what is going on worldwide. I can also relate to the some of the essays that were needed to be read for, for the final. The stories were compelling and has reaffirmed my decisions to join the Peace Corp and be part of the bigger picture in learning about new cultures and use the experience that I had manage to gain from this class alone.

 2. What would you tell another student who was interested in taking the course?

I would tell another student who was interested in taking the course, to do so. It is very interesting and readings are definitely not boring, plus as a student, you have the opportunity to talk with those in another country, learn from their personal experiences and vice versa. I have actually try to convince my friends to do this class and join it as well. It is definitely a class that you would walk away from gaining a better perspective about different cultures and changing most of your generalizations about people worldwide.

Thanks for an awesome experience: Agnes R.


I was very excited about this class. I have told everyone that would listen how interesting this class has been. I enjoy the chats with fellow students and the Japanese students. I think that this class was also interesting because I am moving to Japan this summer. I would have liked to chat a little more but it was fun anyway. I would tell another student that this class is fun but you have to be organized in order to stay on top of your work. I hope that you enjoyed teaching this class as much as I enjoyed taking this class. Rosemary P.  


This global communications class was very interesting, I really enjoyed learning about the other cultures and the way the business people were and how the levels of education were. I learned a lot from this class and I think it gives you a good overview of things going on in the world. I would recommend this class to other students. Also my favorite part of the whole class was the group talk session at the end, where you heard from the students in Japan. They were very nice and friendly!!!

Lisa M.


I enjoyed the interaction with the Japanese students the best.  Perhaps more
of those chat sessions?  This class was interesting.  It made me stop and
thing about the little ways I interact with people.

-Stacy W.



-As a student, I rather enjoyed this class. Having the freedom to manage
one's own time and flexibility to maintain a busy schedule while being
enrolled in a involving and interesting class was a wonderful experience. A
general good time. I don’t feel like time or effort was ever wasted on an
assignment and that the projects were well thought out.
-To any future student: My advice? Take this class, you won't regret it.
It's challenging and exciting. A perfect blend of school, independence, and
culture. The knowledge that I gained of today's changing world and how to
efficiently communicate in it will forever be handy and of aid to me.

Ms. Jessica Joan


I think this is an excellent well structured course.  You learn a lot about many others cultures on a global level as compared to the United States many different cultures.  The Japanese students were very respectful and they had many questions about our way of life as we ask them many questions also.  I would definitely recommend this class to any one who is seeking a good well structured class. 

Will T.