Online Discussions and Net Etiquette


Course Requirements

Online discussions are conducted in the chat room on the website Global Intercultural Connection. You will be writing in real time to your other online classmates in another country. Topics are based around the course content and readings. These interactions are timed carefully to allow for the time difference between the US and participating countries. The chat room password will be distributed via e-mail from the professor before your actual chat date.


Some Sample Topics are Listed Below


Sample Topic One

“Families.” You and your online colleagues will be discussing differences between family structures in the U.S. and another culture participating in the chat. You may initiate any subtopic under the heading of family – for example, gender roles, extended family, treatment of elders, family sleeping arrangements, etc. The text section on “Families” offers a good starting point for discussion ideas and questions.


Sample Topic Two

“Religion.” You and your online colleagues will be discussing the influence of religion in today’s society as well as comparing and contrasting American religions to religions in the culture participating in the chat. You will ask questions that help you better understand another culture’s belief system.


Sample Topic Three

“Education.” You and your online colleagues will be discussing the differences between education in the U.S. and in the culture participating in the chat. Classroom topics covered, learning styles, school calendars, school focus, uniforms, approaches, group work versus individual work, etc. can be open subtopics in this discussion.



Online Etiquette


Respect Other People


Participants in this course come from a wide range of cultural, religious, and ethnic backgrounds. Some students might be apprehensive the first time participating in an online discussion. Encouragement and helpful advice are appreciated. We do value freedom of speech in this course, but obscene language, harassment, unwanted sexual advances, and other blatantly offensive behavior and language are not tolerated. Those who engage in such behavior will quickly be reprimanded, and if necessary, removed from the discussion.


Familiarize Yourself   


Familiarize yourself with the chat room functions. Note that each individual entering the chat room can select a color to type in. This helps participants keep track of who is writing so they can follow a train of thought. You may also type the name of the student that you wish to speak to at the beginning of your entry. It is also helpful to familiarize yourself with the participants by reading the introductions and viewing the pictures under the student section during the semesters that these are provided.


Chat Room Control 


The Professor will be “floating” between 5 chat rooms. Any student can begin the discussion by asking a question related to the discussion topic. Comments and responses will go as interest dictates. If you have a question or comment, please participate. You will be graded not only for showing up, but for participating! When the designated discussion time is up, the Professor will close the chat session. You may politely tell everyone goodnight and leave the chat room. If you would like to, you may continue to talk with other students who can and wish to stay late.


Be Patient


Expect that there will be some problems. That is why it is so important to familiarize yourself with the Chat Room prior to actually having to perform.





Take advantage of the opportunity to communicate, exchange ideas and learn from students across the globe as well as your online classmates. This is what cross-cultural communication is all about – building tolerance and respect for others and strengthening the capacity of citizens to participate in a civil, global society.


Additional Chat Room Times


You may arrange to meet your student counterparts in the chat room any time other than the specified discussion times. This chat room gives you the flexibility to talk in real time to your colleagues and e-mail partner overseas.


English as A Second Language


We will be using English in the chat rooms. Please remember that your counterparts must think, read, and type in English versus their native language in order to participate in this chat session. Be patient.  



Time Difference Between the US and Japan, Belize, and Uzbekistan


US, San Diego                                                     JAPAN, Tokyo (Tokyo is 17 hours AHEAD of San Diego)

3 pm                                                                        7 am

4 pm                                                                        8 am

5 pm                                                                         9 am

6 pm                                                                        10 am

7 pm                                                                        11 am

8 pm                                                                        12 noon

9 pm                                                                        1 pm

10 pm                                                                      2 pm

11 pm                                                                      3 pm

12 midnight                                                              4 pm

1 am                                                                        5 pm

2 am                                                                        6 pm

3 am                                                                        7 pm

4 am                                                                        8 pm

5 am                                                                        9 pm

6 am                                                                        10 pm

7 am                                                                        11 pm

8 am                                                                        12 midnight

9 am                                                                        1 am

10 am                                                                      2 am

11 am                                                                      3 am

12 noon                                                                    4 am

1 pm                                                                        5 am

2 pm                                                                        6 am

3 pm                                                                        7 am




US  (San Diego)                                                   Belize

3 pm                                                                        5 pm

4 pm                                                                        6 pm

5 pm                                                                         7 pm

6 pm                                                                        8 pm

7 pm                                                                        9 pm

8 pm                                                                        10 pm

9 pm                                                                        11 pm

10 pm                                                                      12 midnight

11 pm                                                                      1 am

12 midnight                                                              2 am

1 am                                                                        3 am

2 am                                                                        4 am

3 am                                                                        5 am

4 am                                                                        6 am

5 am                                                                        7 am

6 am                                                                        8 am

7 am                                                                        9 am

8 am                                                                        10 am

9 am                                                                        11 am

10 am                                                                      12 Noon

11 am                                                                      1 pm

12 noon                                                                    2 pm

1 pm                                                                        3 pm

2 pm                                                                        4 pm

3 pm                                                                        5 pm

US (San Diego)                                                    Tashkent, Uzbekistan  (San Diego is 13 hours BEHIND Tashkent)

5 pm                                                                        6 am next day

6 pm                                                                        7 am next day

7 pm                                                                         8 am next day

8 pm                                                                         9 am next day

9 pm                                                                        10 am next day

10 pm                                                                        11 am next day

11 pm                                                                         12 noon next day

12 am midnight                                                            1 pm

1 am                                                                                2 pm

2 am                                                                                3 pm

3 am                                                                                4 pm

4 am                                                                                5 pm

5 am                                                                                6 pm

6 am                                                                                7 pm

7 am                                                                                 8 pm

8 am                                                                                9 pm

9 am                                                                                10 pm

10 am                                                                               11 pm

11 am                                                                                12 am (midnight) next day

12 pm noon                                                                        1 am next day

1 pm                                                                                    2 am next day

2 pm                                                                                    3 am next day

3 pm                                                                                    4 am next day

4 pm                                                                                    5 am next day

5 pm                                                                                    6 am next day


No Time Difference Between US and Tijuana, Mexico