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Communication 120

Interpersonal Communication  

Student Comments Intersession 2007

Communication 120 was one of the best classes I’ve ever taken.  I feel I will utilize what I learned in my every day life.  In fact, I have already benefited from it in several areas of my life!  Thank-You soooooooo much Ms Stefani.

Sincerely R.L. Churchill

 Communications 120 is the bomb. I learned so much from this class. This was the first time in my life that I was able to learn an interesting subject that would help me in my life. When I first entered the class, I thought that it was going to be interesting. I was right beyond expectations. All the problems that I had with communication skills and how I sucked at it all came to light in theis class. To bad there was not another class of a higher level than this one. I would have learned so much more, and I did not feel bad about not asking a question, because the information that I needed to know was so important to me. Relationships, making friends, making decisions (even hard ones) and sacrifices that I normally would not make made a huge impact in my life. The best part of this class was that I was able to show my artistic ability towards the entire classroom. I was really happy that I did. And it was all because of you Stefani, thanks for all the knowledge and information that you shared with me and the class. It has been an honor taking this class. Take care and hope all the best.

Sincerely, Abdulrahim M.


At first I was skeptical of any benefit, but as the class went on I opened up and realized how advantageous it was.  Communication 120 is definitely a great class to take.  It is an opportunity for a little introspection, which never hurt anybody.

Aaron B.

 This class is very interesting, because you are given so many tools on how to communicate with the important people in your life. It was very beneficial to me, because I was able to use that knowledge in my own personal life with my husband. I was able to find better ways to communicate with him and handle conflict, instead of being so controlling in our marriage. Lisa Stefani is definitely the best teacher I have had. And, I don’t say that to butter her up or attempt some type of brownie points. It’s not that often to meet a teacher who speaks so passionately and believes so strongly in what she teaches. Professor Stefani, you should definitely look into motivational speaking!!!

 Comm 120 is awesome especially with Lisa, she's great, and really funny. She likes to help her students, and always makes every conversation funny. She gives us the ability to talk out our problems in class, and discuss even our most personal problems if we choose too. I have learned a lot, even though I did not study much on the tests, but I have learned a lot to help me out in relationships, whether its with friends or family, or even my gf. This class was probably one of the most important classes I ever took, and I will never forget what I have learned in this class, it has change my life drastically, and not for the worst but the best. This class is the class to take, especially with this teacher, she’ll make you realize and think about yourself, and others and how they feel towards different things, like no one else ever did. Awesome teacher and awesome class. Thanks for having me Stefani!!!

Comm 120 gave me such great tools to be able to better by interpersonal communications. Everyone can benefit from taking this class. Taking the class with Stefani was so fun and insightful, she really cares about her students, and does everything she can to help them out. I would recommend this class to everyone, because no one can communicate perfectly! A helpful hint: read the book, it is funny and strengthens your knowledge of what is gone over in class!


While at times the class felt a bit like a marriage/dating counseling session, ultimately it was informative, interesting, and presented information that can be useful in the real world. At first I was only taking the class to avoid Public Speaking as the general education requirement, but found that it actually was useful for some of my relationships, and the text’s descriptions of behaviors clearly described people that were formerly and are currently in my life, and may actually help out with some of the weird friend situations I currently have. Thanks. (And the part in the text which said you should compare your opponents to Hitler in arguments was priceless)

I would recommend Comm 120 to everyone I know. I believe that if everyone was taught these principles when they are in grade school, this world would be a better place. It really helped me to learn the basics of communication and I wish we could have learned more.

Jen L.    

I would recommend to take Comm. 120 with Stefani. She is a very well explained teacher, gives very vivid examples. I believe all that you learn in this class are key to living a successful life with good relationships with family, friends, and significant others.

 I totally love this class because Stefani not only make it fun but really understandable about the lessons. I definitely recommend this class for everyone especially with Stefani. I have learn so much just within two weeks during intersession and I love the book “Looking Out Looking In.”  Is awesome! Thank you Stefani!

Xia L.

 I really love this class.  Professor Stefani is really great and it’s going to help your own relationship.

Aleksandra L.

Professor Stefani did a great job ‘communicating’ how to effectively communicate!  She is a great role model and makes you want to learn more on the subject!  I highly recommend her

Zoe L. R.


You’re a great professor, and i took a lot out of this class. Hopefully I will see you around campus. I will refer back to my book whenever I have an issue, thank you.

Concepcion G.

Thank you so much for helping me to go through this class. I personally learned a lot from you. Thanks again to visualize about my future.

With lots of love and respect, super Song.

PRO-fessor Stefani brings a more light-hearted and fun environment into the classroom without jeopardizing the learning process. It is impossible to leave this class without learning something about yourself. One truly knows she cares about her students  actually learning. Give her a chance and you won’t regret it.

~Nicole D.


Student Comments Spring Semester 2005

Comm 120 was very fun and interesting with Lisa Stefani at 8 a.m. even though I was half asleep on most occasions, Miss Stefani always said something that caught my attention. Her famous saying is, "That's something to think about." When I left her class each day I was always thinking about the topics she mentioned and how I could relate them to my interpersonal relationships. We had to write a term paper about an interpersonal relationship and by writing this paper on a friend, I learned a lot about what we could do to make or break our relationship. The key terms from the book are very useful in dealing with relationships and it is even better to listen to Stefani's lectures when she gives examples by telling a story we can all relate to. Overall, I gained a lot of knowledge from this class because I had and awesome, fun, Harley riding, teacher to help me comprehend concepts. I'm leaving now with my ability bucket to refer to, and would love to have another class with Stefani. -- Anonymous

The class was fun. It felt like I was hanging out with friends instead of going to class. The class taught me things about the way I interact with people and explanations for behavior. I think this class will have a positive impact with my personal relationships. -- Anonymous

If you have any interest in improving how you communicate with people, this is the class to take. Ms. Stefani engages each student in the class and allows an open forum for discussion, which allows you to take the information in on a personal level, which in turn helps on the tests. The communication climate that she builds in her class is very positive and makes the class fly by. By no means will you be able to take this class and not learn something about yourself. Ms. Stefani is a great teacher and there are few out there that can match her dedication. -- Anonymous 

This is a fun class that I never have before. I laugh a lot. I learn a lot about different culture like Germany is yummy about eating snail. This class makes me see and think about my past, present, and future. This class encourage me to decide what I want to be and who I want to be with. Everything is perfect in class except when we have test and don't have study guide. Thank you Stefani. I really enjoy your class so much. -- Anonymous

I really enjoyed Comm 120 with Lisa Stefani. I enjoyed that even though I had to get up early and be here at 8:00 am she would make the class enjoyable and bring smiles to everyone's face. You're a great teacher and thanks for a great semester. -- Anonymous

Not only does this settle a requirement, but it makes your relationships stronger as well.-- Daniel

This class was very fun, entertaining, sucks that it's so early but it's worth it. -- Monique

This class was very fun. I was never bored and I actually looked forward to coming to class, even though it was at 8 in the morning. We learned a lot that will help us throughout life, not just stuff we need to know to get through school. I really liked this class, and Stefani was a great teacher.-- Anonymous

This class has been very helpful in all aspects of everyday life. Family, friend, relationship stages. Thank you very much for making class very interesting. -- Greg

Excellent teacher who keeps you active and interested in learning. -- Anonymous

I took this class to fulfill the requirements of a general AA. However, when I took this class I learned a lot about myself and my relationships. This class was very fun and laid back. I would take it again. The teacher really loves her job and it shows in her energy and in the amount of information she gives the class. -- Anonymous

Comm 120 really helped me out with understanding my relationships and with myself. The class was a lot of fun. ms. Stefani was always funny and that made the class go by quickly. She has great lecture, that actually teach you things instead of just boring you. -- Jackie

This has been my favorite class this semester. I have recommended this class to everyone I know who is going to take Comm 120. -- Anonymous

This class was very good, but you earn your grade. The tests are difficult but you can make it up by doing good on the written assignments. If you take it, do it first thing in the morning. It is a good class for waking you up. -- Anonymous


Student Comments Winter Session 2005

I came into this class because I wanted to get a quick three units over intersession. I didn't expect to learn all of the information that I did. This class is a great class and I think I wouldn't have enjoyed it as much if it wasn't taught by Lisa Stefani. I have learned a lot of information that will stay with me for a lifetime. All of the information that I learned is information that will be useful in all of my interpersonal relationships. I think that this class should be a mandatory class for everyone to take and it should probably start at high school level. This class had a great atmosphere and I enjoyed all of the random conversations that we had every day. I feel that I am now a much better communicator than I ever was and hope to keep improving my communication skills. -- Heather R.

I came into this class only expecting to get my 3 units but I received a life changing experience. Professor Stefani teaches everything you need to know to improve your communication competence, self concept, and to make your dreams a reality. The skills you learn in this course are worth thousands of dollars, you get it for 26 dollars a unit. I recommend taking this class. -- Ryan R.

From day one Dr. Lisa Stefani had my attention. On the first day of her class I learned the 90/10 rule which is an amazing rule to finally figure the actual problem and solve the damn thing plain and simple, well at least sometimes. In taking this class it really gets deep and down to tackle what it is in life that you want for you. The attitude that you start to notice in our own behavior becomes for the positive and is such a release of dealing with the everyday stress in communication styles. In communication 120 this is the teacher that will boost your self perception as well as others around you. Life is too short and time consuming to spend negative energy on. So anyways, this is just a good word from some personal experience. It is up to you to do the rest, besides have you even thought of who you really need to write onto the cut off list? If you haven't, Stefani has plenty of communication styles to go around doing so. Thanks for the extra 5-minutes of your time after class, trust me, I felt I got my money's worth. Last but not least, speaking of money . . . my $161 is in the bank starting this month, is yours . . . ? -- Anonymous

This was the best class I have ever had. I made a group of friends -- everyone here was very nice and Stefani was very clear with her lecture. I actually understood what she was talking about. Very great class to take.  -- Vivian T.

This class was very interesting, time sure did go by quick. When I was all into your lectures and discussions, all of a sudden class time was up. I've been in college for three years, I first took my Child Development units so I could be able to work, and now finally g.e. courses and I am glad I waited, because if I would have taken it as soon as I graduated high school, I don't think I would have understood it so well as I do now. The outside experience helped me understand a lot, even though I know I didn't get the best grades on the test, I understood it way better on your lectures. Thanks! for the class and the time you put into it. All your stories were great! They sure did make me think a lot. I was afraid of taking intersession courses, but you made it so easy. Like I said on my paper, "I am going to be carrying my List of 10 Ideal Characteristics all around with me." In this class I also found my self, who I really was and how I can improve. Good luck teaching this semester and enjoy your Harley!!!! -- Sincerely, Diana S.

 I really enjoyed Communication 120. I had some interesting classes so far, but this class is my first class which is very interesting and I can use for my real life. I learn so many things from my teacher, classmates, and the text book. I wonder if everyone should have to take this class, many people can change their lives better and have better relationship with others. I did not expect I would learn so many things what I need to my life because It took this class as just one of GE class. When I see my friends objectively, many of them are struggling with their romantic relationships. I really recommend them to take this class. The assignment, Dream Board, was the best assignment I have ever done. It made me think my future specifically. Thinking about what kind people I want hang out and what kind of people I do not want to hang out was interesting. I knew that, but writing down was very different. Moreover, term paper gave me opportunities to solve my problem with a significant person and think how the person is important for me. I wonder Japanese universities have these classes. When I become a teacher in Japan, I really like to teach my students about things I learned from this class. I really appreciate that I could have this class and meet an awesome teacher and classmates! Thank you very much!!!!!!!!! --  Maya H. 

In the beginning I enrolled in this class for my 3 units, my expectations were that this class would be another typical boring class but I really felt a connection throughout the class with the students and the professor who made this class entertaining. -- Anonymous

This class is very worthy, and I really enjoyed taking this class. In last semester, I chose some classes which were known as "easy to get A grade." However, I was not satisfied attending to these classes because I did not gain any knowledge or interests. In contrast, in this communication class, I really found how much Importance to visualize "what I see is what I get." Making my Dream Board, it became clear for me "what I have to make my dream true!" Also, "won't" VS "can't" is good instruction for me. I always complain; however, things is not impossible. I just WON'T do something. I was not get used to speaking in the class, but I talked to myself. "I just WON'T, so I can do anything I believe I can do!!" Even though I was scared talking in the class, however, I tried to speak up! ("I Can!"). Moreover, the most dominant reason why I enjoyed this class is Professor's lecture and also atmosphere in the class. Every students are very cooperative, so I feel so comfortable studying in the class. Stefani, I would like to thank you! I'm sure I will write an e-mail when all my dreams come true:)    -- Megumi U.

I really learned a lot from this course. You not only clarify yourself but also improve your relationship. 50% of the grade came from your Dream Board and the term paper, and doing these two projects is extremely helpful in your real life. The teacher is generous on grading, so don't worry the projects will drag your grade down. Moreover, her lecture is interesting, and she also applies many examples to help you understand. I highly recommend. You must love it! -- Anonymous

I really enjoyed being in this class. I learned a lot about myself that I never knew. -- Anonymous

Student Comments Communication 120 Summer 2004

Professor Stefani is an awesome instructor! I have never had so much fun in a class while learning so much. The relaxed atmosphere made the oral discussions and presentations unintimidating. I learned that I really need practice in my communication skills, but now have the knowledge to improve these. This is undoubtedly the best class I have ever taken! Linda S.

I honestly came into this class not expecting to stay enrolled. Since I am not a morning person, I felt it would be extremely difficult for me to be on time. But after the first day I decided that it seemed like it was going to be a useful class and that would help me in the everyday situations. I was right. This class has given me the tools I needed to become a better communicator. I know I will use my tool chest for future reference. What I enjoyed most out of this class was the dream boards, it helped me take the time to make a plan for my future and see what I value in life. So far, this has been the most enjoyable class I have taken at Grossmont.

When I started this class I thought it would involve presenting a lot of speeches. I didn't realize that it involved relationships. I have learned a lot of information and tips about how to face relationships and more importantly, how to adjust my own behavior when  a problem threatens. This class also helped me look inward, to see that I too am at fault sometimes when communication problems arise. Your teaching style makes the class fun and interesting. I especially enjoyed the way you let the students interact with each other. Susan M

This class has been very good for me. I have learned many new communication skills that I believe will help me in many a sticky situation where better skills are needed.

Lisa Stefani's class should be a requirement for every student. It is eye opening, entertaining, and better than spending tons of money on personal therapy. You learn many valuable skills that will help you in your relationships for the rest of your life. Shirl W.

This was a great class, very exciting. Lisa Stefani teaches great! She made the class extremely fun. The material will truly be helpful in the rest of my life.

This course is the most practical, applicable to life, but also informational class that I have ever taken. The type of principles taught in this course encompass everything needed to build and maintain interpersonal relationships with anyone.

After having not attended school for almost twenty years, it was very refreshing to start with your class. Communication 120 has given me a new perspective on the various methods of communication, which I actually attempt to use in my daily life. I still revert to old habits, but I now make and effort to correct myself. I find myself being more attentive when others speak. You have made this a pleasant experience. Thank you for allowing everyone to freely interact, even spontaneously. Roswitha A.

Lot of fun random conversations. Good atmosphere that encouraged everyone to talk openly about any topic. Lectures aren't all that interesting.

I honestly took a lot out of this class. The one problem was waking up for this class cause it was summer. Ms. Stefani has an upbeat attitude and it makes the class fun. Its a fun class.

I learned some really great communication skills from this class. It was an extremely enjoyable class and we had some great dialogue and chemistry with the class. STEFANI IS THE BEST.

Student Comments Communication 120 Summer 2003

I thought that this class was so great, it really made me open my eyes and has given me the opportunity to communicate in a much better way towards the people around me. Stefani is a great professor, lots of spunk and character .  . . pushes you a lot but it is well worth it! I really enjoyed Interpersonal Communication. Aimee S.

As far as teaching goes, Stefani has to be one of the best teachers I've had. She should teach an all day class so I can enroll in it! I really learned a lot in the class even though I didn't do so well on the tests. I highly recommend her class if you plan on having fun while you learn.

This is a great class. Very informative and interesting. She is very straight forward and tells it like it is. Read the book and listen In class and do the paper early and it is an easy class. I had fun.

This class was a great experience for me in that it gave me the opportunity to find out things about myself I wasn't aware of.  I had numerous Ah-ha experiences that helped me determine why I do and act the way I do and how I can now deal with it in a proper manner.

This class opened my eyes to communication problems that I had and I didn't even know about. It is definitely worth taking and I am really confident about communicating with others now. Its a fun exciting way to learn how to improve your interpersonal relationships.

Stefani's class is an eye opener. If you've ever wondered why relationships sometimes go sour -- this should enlighten you.

This was an insightful class for me and applied to my everyday life. This class is good for everyone and will definitely help communication in relationships. Thank you Ms. Stefani

This class was very beneficial. It strengthened my awareness about communication with my family members. It also enabled me to enhance my communication skills as a nurse. Overall, the class was interesting and fun.

This was an interesting class and a lot of light bulbs came on for me during class. I was able to realize a lot about myself and how I interpret things in life. I recommend this class to anyone and the instructor was very informative and was able to reach out to other students relating to their issues.

Enjoyable class. Interesting and helpful lessons learned for everyday life and relationships. Teacher is exciting and motivated by subject.

Good teacher, great energy. I found the class very interesting. everything we learned can be applied to the "real" world. You can't say that about every class.-- Patrick G.

I enjoyed the class. It made me understand more of the relationship that  I had just gotten out of. Had I know this sooner, I would have gotten out sooner. I highly recommend taking this class. It makes you pick your friends more wisely.

When I signed up I was agonizing over spending three hours in a classroom with the same professor 4 days in a row for 4 weeks. I can't imagine getting more out of a class that moved as fast as Stefani's has. You don't get bored. She's a very animated teacher with lots of stories that help you remember the text and move the class along. -- Kristen E.

Professor Stefani's class had been a real eye opener for me. It's a good class to really take hold of and get the most out of possible. The material studied really is info needed for life. A fun environment makes coming to class fun.

There are a lot of great tips on how to avoid fighting with a spouse/friend/ or family member. There's some work involved but it is definitely worth it. You'll enjoy and appreciate the tips that you'll receive. I had a blast b/c there's so many stories told.

I am so glad that I took this Communication  120 class. Professor Stefani is an excellent teacher! I came away from this class learning so much about myself. I learned tools and skills that will help me become a better communicator in my relationships and in life. I highly and strongly recommend Professor Stefani's class. You will come away with so much; I guarantee it!

The class helped me have a better relationship with my roommates, coworkers, patients, friends and others who are very important to me. I learned not only what some of my problems are. I also learned what to do to improve my communication skills. What I learned here helps me be a better friend, family member and professional. -- Shannon R.

This class has been very helpful in my everyday life. The term paper has helped me deal with a difficult situation with one of my interpersonal relationships. Professor Stefani has made this class a fun learning environment and has provided a lot of encouragement to her students. If you get a chance to take this class, do so.

The information in this course had the potential to be life altering. This course should be required of all students regardless of their major. The principles discussed in this course will enhance one's life because it will provide people an opportunity to enhance their interpersonal relationships.

Really informative class. Very useful information for a variety of situations. 

Professor Stefani is an amazing teacher who has integrated the  basic teaching of interpersonal communication into something very meaningful and fun.

Ms. Stefani is one of the most dynamic teachers I have ever met. Her style and energy that she contributes to the class motivates the students to participate and be in class on a regular basis because what Ms. Stefani teaches in communications will apply to any relationship with any body you come into contact with. She is absolutely hilarious and I give you 4 stars and 2 thumbs up. See ya Ms Stefani. You are great. -- Brandon S.

When I initially signed up for this class I basically took it because I disliked speaking in front of large groups and I knew that this class didn't consist of that. However, I was pleasantly surprised that this class was the most enlightening and helpful course that I have ever taken in my 15 years of schooling. It is a life changing course and really lets you look deep inside yourself. It helped me improve not only my relationships, but myself as well. I feel like it turned me into a more confident and self appreciating human being. Thank you for everything!

Actually, I could not learn a lot because I can't speak and listen English well. Also it was hard for me to listen and take a note at the same time. However, I got interested in communicating more than before. I'd like to learn communication by myself with the text. Thank you so much and I enjoyed attending your class.

The atmosphere is fun and energetic, and experience similar to open talks at the family dinner table. Warm and inviting. Be prepared to learn something new about yourself and others. -- Ryan L.

This class had been very helpful for me. It has developed better relationships with myself and others around me. It has helped my self confidence and my ability to communicate and listen. Stefani is an outstanding teacher and I recommend this class to any one who would like to better the personal relationships in their lives.

I enjoyed the class and I think that it will greatly impact the relationships in my life. I thought that the class was a little rushed due to being a summer class. I look forward to taking another communication class the upcoming semester. I was surprised to find out how much its involved in the communication process. 

My time in communication 120 was awesome. There were rarely any dull moments. Everyone interacted together. Learned a lot about myself and how I communicate. The class has aloud for me to build and repair stronger relationships with people who I have been struggling with. I recommend taking this class. 

I learned a lot about how to communicate with other people. I would tell others to take this class if they need to work on some of their social skills like I did.

I really enjoyed your class! I never had a teacher as cool as you've been! I learned a lot about myself and what I need to do to change to make me better. Doing the collage was a lot of fun. (My first one was better!) I accomplished a couple of goals: the most significant one is being able to write a really, really, really long paper! Thanks Ms. Stefani! You're the best! P.S. I love the take home test!

This is such an amazing class. I learned so much more than I expected. I definitely recommend for everyone to take this course with Stefani. No matter what you are interested in doing with your life it will be beneficial to you. 

I honestly loved this class. This class has taught me a lot about relationships and communication. This class had made a huge impact on my life and it made me view every thing in a different perspective. I recommend this class to everyone. -- Lajoie M.

This class (Comm 120) has helped me develop better relationships. I communicate better with my family and my friends. Anyone looking to better their relationships should take this class.

This class opens your mind to the communication aspects of relationships. I have actually taken interpersonal communication before and didn't come close to learning as much as I did this time. This class helped me apply what we learned about in interpersonal communication to my life instead of just trying to learn for a test. Excellent class! -- Sean B.

From this communication class I learned how to not only communicate better with others, but how to prepare myself if I am being directly, indirectly, verbally or nonverbally attacked. It was a good experience for my life.

Great class! Made me think about a lot of things I never would have thought about. Changed the way I respond to conflict. The dream board was a good assignment. Made me realize my goals and what I want in life. Thanks!

This class was real informational. I have learned a lot about myself and how to communicate with others. My relationship with my boyfriend and my family have greatly improved.

Communication class was great. It helped me with my personal life and it helped me prepare myself for the World out there. In this communication class the skills that you will learn are so important and in so many ways. Everything in the textbook (terms that is) was very complex and important. I recommend this class 100%

This class helped me to realize a few communication habits of mine that need to change. It gave great insight into seeing things from another person's view point. The assignments and tests are well balanced in load amount and difficulty. She expects students to perform at or near their ability level. Overall, a very interesting and informative class.

I have grown so much from this class! I've learned how to deal with my approach to relationships in new light. Because I'm more aware of the communication methods I'm employing, both verbal and nonverbal, I've become a more competent communicator, more assertive in communicating my goals and feelings and better able to handle conflicts. -- Emily M.

This class was pretty easy in terms of the paper and the presentation. I learned a lot that should help me in the future with my relationships. The only thing I didn't like was the test. I advice everyone to take this class if you are looking forward to making yourself a better person.

It was an interesting class. Stefani is so enthusiastic that you are forced to pay close attention. Which was very helpful for the summer semester. I feel she puts communication in real life situations so that they are easier to understand.

I would recommend this class because it helps better all your relationships. I have learned a lot form this class that I can use to deal with my problems and help others. I didn't think that I would enjoy this class but not only did I enjoy it, I also learned a lot.

Over the 18 years of my life I have been in a lot of classes, but I learned more in this class than I did in all the other ones! This class was about life and how to get further in it, unlike the other classes about grammar and numbers and organs of animals that I don't even care about. Overall this class taught me better ways to deal with my girlfriend and family. I recommend everyone taking this class! 10 page essay was tough but there are times when you gotta do what you gotta do! -- Tu 

Awesome class. I have recommended it to several people. Challenging, dynamic and a lot of fun. I was never bored and am taking away some very useful skills. Great teacher too! Everyone should take this class whether it's required or not! -- D. 

I thought the class was an eye-opening experience for me. I knew that communication was important but I didn't realize the breath and depth of the topics were going to be so wide and varied. I definitely enjoyed the teacher/student interaction because it was more proactive than the "lecture" type of classes which I encounter at UCSD a lot. It was an inspiring experience! Thanks! -- Phyllis  

Class was very informative, taught me how to be a more effective communicator. Professor is very knowledgeable, kept the class alert at all times and information discussed can be used in every life situation. Highly recommend this class to anyone, will definitely help if communication is a problem. -- Jodene F.

I was hesitant to take this class at first thinking I was going to have to do a bunch of speeches. That is why I decided to take it as a summer class. After starting the class, I was disappointed that it was only a 4 week class. I wanted to learn more and spend more time with each topic we were learning. It's an extremely interesting and helpful class that I suggest everyone take.

I loved this class! The content is helpful and I've noticed a difference in my communication with others. But more than that I really enjoyed Ms. Stefani's assertive command of the classroom. It was fun, engaging and challenging, very challenging. I'm very glad I took it. 

I got so much information from Professor Stefani's class. She is a very friendly as well as intellectual individual. She presented the concepts in ways that were easy to understand and the information brought about life changing behavior. I would highly recommend her class to people of every culture and major. You will not be disappointed. Thank you Professor Stefani for renewed hope and inspiration. -- Pamela

I thought that this class has been the most interesting, fun, and most of all helpful class that I have taken. It helped me better understand myself and the relationship that I have. This class gave me the will-power to pursue things that I use to just fantasize about. Lisa Stefani is a great Professor and I would recommend this class to anyone and everyone . . . young and old, male and female. Thanks!!! 

Student Comments Communication 120 Spring 2003

This class has helped me an enormous amount. I was put in it for a reason and now I realized why. This class had helped me become a better, more laid back person. My relationships are becoming happier and healthier because I learned how to communicate effectively. I learned a lot about myself, and other people because of this class. Lisa Stefani is one of the best teachers I have had. She is there to help and is always willing to listen to anything you have to say. -- Allee D.

P.S. Thank you Lisa for all that you have taught me. You have honestly helped me become a better person. I thank you tremendously! I wish you good luck in the future. I also admire you the most out of all my teachers. Thanks! Allee D. (This is the truth, I'm not trying to suck- up)

I really enjoyed this class. I think this is the only class I have taken where I have actually learned something! The skills that I have learned will stick with me for a life time. This was the only class that I got to share the things I want in life, and I got to hear what everyone else wanted. It was a wonderful semester and I will never forget it. -- Tami L.

I was not at all expecting all the valuable information that I got out of this class. I thought it would be primarily lecture, but that is exactly what I need. I need direction and no one is better to direct me than Lisa. Thanks Ms. Stefani. This class is just what I need:) I'll get in touch with you when I reach my goal; traveling the world. -- Paige R.

Life changing  Learning experience. Best class ever. -- Anonymous

I have learned to listen more and argue less. -- Lisa B.

I really enjoyed this class. I learned a lot of skills for communicating and keeping good relationships. I also learned  a lot about personal skills. -- Anonymous

This is a very different class in which you really learn things that you are going to use in life. I highly recommend it. It is not boring at all and it helps you to make correct decisions that are very important.-- Anonymous

I have learned a lot in this class. I have learned how to upgrade my self-concept and I set my perceptions in a more realistic manner. I have now completed 2 out of the three goals on my dream board thanks to this class. You are a great teacher Ms. Stefani. -- Mike S.

Great Class. Everyone can get something out of the class. I recommend the class to anyone. Stefani is a great teacher. -- Tom S.

This comm class really helped me to deal with conflicts and relationships. I learned to be more patient and think about the other people involved before I responded or reacted. I learned a lot about my self concept and I have changed my views of myself and others. If you are not getting what you want out of the relationships that your putting your time into, then it is not worth it. -- Anonymous

If you know it or not, Communication is a very important part of life, in so many different ways. Stefani's class will boost your knowledge and skills. And it is fun! -- Anonymous

Communication 120 with Lisa Stefani was the most useful class I have taken in college. It helped me enhance my interpersonal relationships as well as my relationship with my self. -- Anonymous

I really enjoyed your class. I loved learning about all the important things that I can correct. This class has really opened my eyes to see how much communication can change the world. -- Bill H.

This class really helped me with all of my interpersonal relationships in life. I suggest anyone who is thinking about taking this class to do so. -- Patrick P.

This class has changed how I relate to people in my life. It's enhanced my relationship with my partner. The book stays on my bed table and every few nights my partner and I pick out a skill that we plan to practice using. I communicate now in ways that help me achieve my goals.-- Anonymous

She tries to intimidate you the first day, but when it comes down to it, she is a cool chick. Because of this class, I got the number of the girl I want. I LOVE MS. STEFANI! -- Lawrence G. O.

This is the best class! It taught me so much about myself and about how to interact with others. It is so fundamental for life and everyone could benefit from this course. The discussions are interesting and beneficial and Stefani creates an amazing, open atmosphere that welcomes all kinds of topics and discussions. -- Anonymous

I feel that this class has cleared up some of the ambiguity that comes from communication. It makes strategy and certain keywords clearer. --Anonymous

I'm really impressed with this class. This class has come from just a GED class to a life long beneficial experience. This class alone couldn't change my life, but the awesome teacher that taught the class made the class a life changing experience. Thank you Stefani -- Jason A.

I feel I got a lot out of this class. The info provided can be applied very easily to real life. You can learn to become a better person in the process. -- Anonymous

I have learned that people deserve to be a part of my life, how to communicate with them better. Thank you for teaching me the tools for changing my life. -- Anonymous

Communication 120 made me realize that there is more to life. I learned how to move on after a 5 1/2 year relationship. I have learned and practiced new skills on how to perfect my life. I take a lot from this class and plan to continue to use it in the future. -- Anonymous

I feel that Comm 120 was a great class for personal growth. Lisa is a great educator and a knowledgeable professor.-- Anonymous

This class is one of the best experiences that a person can have because no matter what, you come away from it with something new. -- Anonymous

 Communication 120 has helped me a lot these past couple of months. It has helped me understand my father and myself much more than I ever have. The class has helped me think more in depth about life and the situations I am put in rather than just looking at what is obvious. A lot of the negativity I have held towards my friends and family has been resolved through the help of this class. I have found myself meeting new people and trying new things and not just sticking to what I know. It will be a class I will definitely recommend to anyone not just people that need to take communications, but people who are looking for a better perspective of life. -- Anonymous

I would have to say that this class has been one of the, if not the, most useful class I have ever taken. It touched my life so deeply and made me really think about the way I act towards other people. every skill from Perception Checking to paying attention to Non-Verbal behaviors I know will enhance my life so deeply and will definitely make me a far better communicator. Thank you for everything you have shared with us and made us realize about ourselves. 


Student Comments Communication 120 Intersession 2003

I have taken many different classes on my journey to my degree. This was going to be just one more to finish the list. Never would I imagine the life altering tools I would be given by Ms. Stefani. She has helped me to become not just a better communicator, but a better person! And, because of this change that I have experienced, it has in turn changed my family! Thank you! -- Stacy V.

This was the best and most interesting class I have ever taken. I learned so much about real life and the knowledge that I learned will truly help me throughout my lifetime. This class helps you to examine yourself and change for the better. From this class I received a better understanding of myself and how to better communicate with people. I highly recommend this class and I can honestly say it will change you in some way. Lisa Stefani is an amazing, amazing, teacher. She pulls you into the lectures with her charisma, intelligence, humor and coolness. 

This class has taught me so much! Everyday I left class having had learned something beneficial about myself or just about life in general. The class really made me dig deep inside and discover who I am and who I want to become. Life is a journey and everything I learned from this class will help me along the way. If you are going through a hard time with a certain relationship or starting to discover who you are as a person, this class will change your life and help you deal with whatever may come your way. Cori M.

This class has really opened my eyes. It brought out a lot of suffering I have kept hidden inside of me since childhood. Now I see I am repeating it through my child and I am taking the first step to brake the cycle so she won't repeat it. Ms Stefani is an outstanding teacher. She is there for her students. Very caring, funny and most of all understanding. She gets 100 stars from me.--  S.M.K.

This class has taught me more than what I have learned in all my other classes! I can actually use the information in my everyday life. My relationships are improving with my family and friends. I have learned how to be a more effective communicator. I have learned not to be so defensive and listen more to what others are saying. I've also learned a lot more about myself.

Lisa Stefani is a great teacher. She's interesting to listen to and that makes a big difference in a short term class 3 hours every day. I learned a lot about others and dealing with problems.

This class makes you really think and analyze yourself. It's funny how we live life day after day communicating verbally and nonverbally with others and we don't even realize what we are communicating sometimes. So, this class not only helped me to figure out what other people are saying, but also how your communicating gets interpreted by others. I have already and will continue to recommend this class. 

This class was very enlightening for me. The subject matter is very helpful for self improvement and an overall increase in my quality of life. I learned a lot about myself. My strengths and weaknesses in interpersonal communication. Lisa Stefani is "the bomb." She is like a motivational speaker. I had a great time. Thank you Lisa. -- Mitch L.

I'm glad that I took this class because it was fun to learn communication and how to deal with the problems when we have conflicts with others. The most important thing to learn in this class was to use different perception to see people who come from different background/culture/race. Thank you Ms. Stefani. -- Wen-Huei L.

I learned a lot about my communication skills and how I can greatly improve it. This class was a big reality check for me. By taking this class, I learned that I can also improve my relationship with those who are important to me, just by learning how to communicate better. This class helped me improve myself and become a better person. I didn't know how much communication can greatly impact a persons life personally. Thank you! -- Lorelei B.

In Professor Stefani's Comm 120 journey, I learned how to turn a relationship that was almost about to be terminated into a caring, loving, communicative relationship again. This class taught me how to be an effective communicator in personal and interpersonal relationships. It also taught me to take responsibility for my feelings and actions. Thank you. -- Clifton S.

I came to this class with no reason except for getting the three units, but after I knew and I learned that some classes have more things than just the word education. I learned that I always have many options in this life, and it is a good way to get rid of the people who take me down instead of encouraging me no matter how close these people are. Ms. Stefani from your experiences in life you taught me to be independent and I really feel happy because I took this class with you. -- Farah P.

 I realized that communication is not something that is either good or bad; it is a process that must be learned with the same application it takes to learn to walk or learn a musical instrument. It is difficult  -- if learned well, the sound in speech will become a melody.

This class was a very interesting class from multiple point of view. It touched the very important aspects of life. Since life is a precious gift, I think all what this class offered was a simple, short but excellent touch to several corners of life, including behavior, psychology, and somehow managing the very immense moral character and how and why to apply it in daily interaction. I really enjoyed the class and without Professor Lisa, this class could not have been as interesting and exciting, I would imagine.

I learned how to stop comparing myself to others and others expectations of me and how to start comparing myself only to myself. I learned that I can only control my reactions and feelings towards a situation and can only take responsibility for my feelings and not others. I learned that I am already a pretty good communicator but that there are areas I can work on to be even better.

I really enjoyed this class. I learned a lot in taking it and became a better communicator. I recommend taking comm 120 in Spring semester rather than intersession. There is so much material to cover that it is really hard to retain it all in seventeen days. The instructor Stefani was different! -- Steve H.

The most important thing I learned here is awareness. Awareness of myself, my actions, my words, and the possible outcomes. Being aware of what kind of impact or consequence my words and actions will have gives me power. I have learned also how to better communicate with my boyfriend and just people in general. I have also learned to be a better listener, because before I wasn't such a good one. Also, I learned to be objective, very important! I will use this new information in an honest way, not manipulative or evil. This was an awesome class, I recommend it to everyone.

I have learned the importance of communication. This class and Lisa Stefani has empowered me to use communication as a tool for the good of man. -- Conor D.

What I got out of this class -- how communication is a dance between tow people, how communication is a listener phenomenon. How listening can be prevented if your distracted by outside forces or defensive you tune the other out. My communication style, how to prevent my partner from being so defensive. "I" messages instead of "you" messages. Body language and nonverbal cues. How to interpret my feelings so that I can express them better. -- Lynda S.

What I got out of this class was ways to have a better relationship with other people and how to learn to talk to people without being hostile or assuming that everything was someone else's fault and not my own. I also pick up new communication skills that will help me in the future better my relationships with family, friends, and future lovers. Also help me want to become a better person.   

This class was definitely a fun class and I can honestly say that I am going to miss it. This class helped me and my girlfriends relationship and also helped me view people in a totally different way. It has also taught me how to act when I am in a verbal argument. it also made me very eager about my future. Lisa Stefani is probably the funniest Professor I have ever had. -- Roger K.

What I learned in this class is how to communicate effectively. I improved my communication skills greatly. It helped me realize the communication mistakes I was doing in my past relationships. I learned the difference between how female and males talk, perceive, listen and handle situations different. I learned that I cannot change anyone in my life but myself. I now see people from different perspectives. I try to describe people and things from different points of view. This class has been the best class I have had at Grossmont.

What I learned from communication 120 from Instructor Stefani is that words are irreversible which means once they words are said you can not take them back. You can explain to the highest level of an explanation but you cannot take words back. Repeating something isn't sometimes good. It might go good the first time but that doesn't mean it will always flow like that. Perception checking is a must.

This class gave me a new sense of reality as well as confidence to use in the world. The lessons I have learned gives me new ways to handle situations and to maintain relationships. This class goes in depth with different messages that we receive and how we interpret the messages. Very fun class and a lot of info given at one time, but it was an intersession course. Great teacher who knows her stuff and obviously teaches on what she believes in. 

Through out this class I learned something as simple as all the names for the different types of communication skills I express everyday. This class made me want to take more time in conflicts. Before this class, to me, the goal of an argument was to win. Now, the goal of a conflict or argument I want to take time and solve the problem, make everyone win. It was a good experience and I'm glad I took this class. Throughout the three weeks I couldn't help but mentally place my family and friends in this class because it will benefit them.

I never realized how important it is for people to communicate properly. Everyday we think that it's okay to scream, yell, & belittle others. It can truly damage a person. I have gotten so much out of this class it has made me a better person -- not only today but every day from now on. Thank you. -- Trish

I learned to look at problematic situations a lot differently now. This class helped me to find out what type of person I am. Also helped me to find out what type of person others perceive me to be. I know better ways of handling a situation better than I would have in the past. I learned to look at both sides of the problem and not just my problems. I learned to value my relationships with the people that mean the most to me. This class is great and contains a lot of useful information for everyday life and the teacher is awesome.

Communication 120 is a "new" integral part of my life. The instructional in the plays an important part of how I view others and myself on a daily basis. A must for both male and female students of all ages and backgrounds. -- Danny S.

I learned how to communicate more effectively.

From this class I learned a lot about myself and my relationships. I found the last few chapters about win-win skills, conflict styles, conflict resolution, and improving communication climates the most helpful. Now I know how I should approach confrontations and how to deal with them accordingly. The term paper helped me look into myself and at my brother and to see the areas that need work, and how to go about the work. It will take effort, but I will try.

I got a lot out of this class (comm 120). I learned how not to over exaggerate very little. How to communicate effectively. I also learned that people communicate in so many different ways it is hard not to have an idea what the other person you are communicating is feeling or thinking. I learned how to deal with some of the problems I have. In a well mannered behavior. Thank you. I learned a lot.

What I got out of this class is better sense of myself and how my communication skills effect others. I will read this book over again to get a better understanding of everything it has to say. Thank you. -- Damon T.

What I learned the most about in this class was the dynamics of a relationship with my significant other. Tools such as perception checking and win-win scenarios are very valuable. Learning that I could change anything in my life that I wanted to was inspiring. I like the affirmations! Every day!


Student Comments Communication 120 Spring 2002


I have read every chapter in Looking Out, Looking In. I plan on reading it again! I have changed my outlook on life and my communication skills because of this class. Ms. Stefani creates a “no nonsense” environment for her students. This has enabled us to share some very personal aspects of our lives. I would recommend this class for everyone. – Melissa M.


All I can say about this class is WOW! I had no idea that a class could impact my life so much. I found myself waiting anxiously for this class every week. Stefani is an awesome teacher that honestly cares about her students. She makes you look deep into your self and helps you resolve problems. Going through this class is a big awakening in your relationships with people. I highly recommend taking this course, it just might change your life completlyJ  -- J. Smith


If anyone wants to learn how to communicate better or have a better relationship with a spouse, friend, etc. . .  I suggest this specific class with this specific teacher (Stefani). You must be willing to change and willing to get deep into your soul, before taking this class. In this class Stefani gets straight to the point, no “beating around the bush.” It’s very in-depth and at time emotional. Hope you all learn more about yourself. – Anonymous


Dr. Stefani –

As an aside, I struggled to write this paper. I did not want to do this assignment and face all of the issues that I needed to face in this relationship. It forced things within me that I wasn’t sure I was capable of. I will tell you that as painful as it was, it was necessary. This was by far, the best class I have taken and the class that I received the most benefit from. For that, I thank you. You are by far, the most dynamic, charismatic, insightful, humorous, forthright and compassionate instructor I have had the pleasure of meeting. It has been a very productive semester. Thank you again, Dr. Stefani. – John S. 

In my opinion I feel that I have learned more about communication and how to deal with my own relationship in this semester that I have through out the years. Ms. Stefani I feel knows her information very well and also knows how to teach it in a fun, interactive way. – Shannon H.

I thought Interpersonal Communication was a great class. I have a really rocky relationship with my Mom and I learned a lot of skills that are helping me improve it. It was also all around a very fun and interesting class. I recommend it to everyone! – Bonnie S.

I really enjoyed my time in Comm 120. Professor Lisa Stefani provides a compelling atmosphere within the classroom, which has noticeably improved not only my understanding of communication but also has toned and improved my communication skills. Thanks – Rob M.


I have just completed communication 120 with Lisa Stefani. I would highly recommend this class to everyone, whether for a graduation requirement or to improve one’s self- perception. I found the course very interesting and deep. I know anyone would benefit from this class. Not only is the teacher very funny, but also very personable. She’s great with the students and gives great examples/stories that you can relate to. I enjoyed the class immensely and would take it again in a second, even if I didn’t have to as long as it was the same teacher. It was a challenge for me to work a full-time job, then have to go to school, but Lisa made it fun and I looked forward to going to class. I even wanted to bring guests to see her class. She’s worth much more than any school already pays her. Thanks for your time. -- Mandy V.

Intersession 2002 Communication 120 Interpersonal Communication

WOW! This course has added a great deal of value to my life! The skills I have learned will enable me to continue to grow personally and professionally. Lisa Stefani’s obvious passion and knowledge for the subject is infectious and inspiring! – Glen H.


You should teach teachers how to teach! In my 8 years of schooling never ever have I ever had a teacher who made the learning experience less dull and tiresome than you. You made this class a good experience while teaching some important life changing stuff. – Meghan B.


This was one of the most interesting classes that I have ever taken. You not only learn a lot from Lisa Stefani’s teaching, but she’s very entertaining and makes the learning more fun. – Anonymous


The class was great. I was never bored. Lectures were very informational and Ms. Stefani kept them lively. This class helped improve tensions I’ve had with my family and boyfriend. I would recommend this class to everyone. – Anonymous


I was not looking forward to taking a communication class, but it turned out to be one of the most interesting and rewarding classes I have ever taken. I have learned so much about communication that I was never aware of. The tests in the class were easy, straight from the book. The movies and collage also made the class more exciting. I highly recommend this class for anybody. -- Anonymous


The class was enlightening. Ms. Stefani made it too easy for me to understand the material. I was surprised at how much I learned. Most instructors don’t care if the student learns or not. Ms. Stefani does care about her students. – NLCM


I would strongly recommend that everyone take this class, especially with Ms. Stefani. She is an excellent teacher with good thoughts and stories to support her teaching. Thank you for everything. – Nate L.


I feel that Stefani’s Comm 120 class was very interesting. It is amazing that with such a good teacher, how much I was able to learn. I would be happy to recommend this class to anyone and everyone. – Anonymous


This class was very helpful in the real world. The information learned in this class will make you a more aware person. Ms. Stefani makes the learning experience fun and exciting. – Anonymous


This class really improved my motivation and verbal communication skills. A must take for anyone wanting to excel in your profession. – Josh G.


When I first took this class I had no idea that it was going to be so helpful. I thought it was just going to be a bunch of speeches. I loved this class. It has helped me in all of my relationships. It has also helped me improve myself. I recommend this class to anyone. It’s a fun class and very informational. This class teaches you things you can use in your everyday life. – Sara V.


By far the best class I have ever had. – Igor B.


The worst part was the term paper (10 pages)! I recommend this class to everyone. Especially the wonderful teacher -- Lisa A. Stefani. – Sultan K.


I really liked the class. Built skills I could use until I am dead (forgive me for my candor). You are an excellent Prof., by far one of my favorites. A great, enriching experience. – Anonymous


This is a very fun and helpful class. Everyone should take this class to improve their communication skill. Everything is great, except for 1 thing. We need to write a 10 page essay, which is a little too much.  -- Trinh N.


I really enjoyed the class. It taught me a lot about myself and others. The book was very helpful as well. – Anonymous


I found this to be a very enlightening class – Lisa is a very engaging, personable and funny teacher who made it a terrific class that I’d highly recommend. I thoroughly enjoyed every single day! Thanks – Sally S.


I really enjoyed this class. I feel that I put forth more effort in this class more than any other because of its short length and intensity. I wish all classes were 17 days long! I would have a degree by now! I also appreciate your teaching style. It is so much easier to remember and apply stories and experiences than raw data. Thank you.  -- Robin L..


I like this class so much. I learned a lot how I can apply it in my life. I would recommend to my friends take Ms. Stefani’s class. – Nina W.


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